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As a teacher my goal is to inspire my students to think creatively and analytically about oboe and music in general. Students can apply these skills not only to music performance and education, but also to any other field the student chooses to pursue. I use music as a vehicle to teach my students to think perceptively, to question and analyze situations, and ultimately to imagine, create, and innovate. 


I tailor each lesson to the individual student so that each one can develop a unique musical voice.  While I assign every student exercises, etudes, and solo repertoire to address their particular needs, each student begins their journey as an oboist by establishing a base of fundamental skills.  A steady diet of embouchure building exercises, long tones, and scales creates the foundation of a successful oboist. 


Regardless of their chosen career path, I want my students to be able to listen critically and speak intelligently about music.  In their lessons, I ask my students to describe what they just heard in order to develop their descriptive musical vocabulary. I also give my students listening assignments to expose them to the broad range of offerings in today's diverse musical landscape.


In addition to teaching my students how to play the oboe, I also help them figure out the role that music plays in their lives.  As an educator, I feel that it is my job to understand the "whole" student, not just the oboist.  I want my students to improve as oboists, musicians, and individuals with each lesson.


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