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What do you GET to do today?

I get it, practicing everyday can be a slog. Reedmaking everyday can be a grind. Sometimes you feel motivated, other times you have to drag yourself to the practice room. The key to consistency lies in reframing your mindset.

We have ALOT of obligations in life. We HAVE to go to work, we HAVE to pay our bills. When it comes to recreational activities, we GET to hang out with our friends. We GET to go out to dinner. What would happen if you applied that same mindset to your daily obligations?

Try telling yourself, I GET to practice today or I GET to start two new reeds today. When I graduated Navy bootcamp, I hadn't been able to play my oboe in eight weeks. I was SO EXCITED to GET the opportunity to practice again. I reminded myself of that excitement last night when I was feeling grumpy about having to work on reeds before my recording session this morning.

Simply changing my mindset from "I HAVE to record tomorrow morning" to "I GET to record tomorrow morning" made working on reeds much more enjoyable and productive.

Sometimes the most subtle shifts in our internal dialogue make all the difference!

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